Tarot provides solutions on various issues such as relationships, finances, business matters, jobs, health including all the trials and troubles that we put ourselves through in this journey of life. The cards speak about our general direction and the ways in which a difficult path can be made smoother. Tarot predictions are therefore more comprehensive and complete in comparison with any other occult art. Tarot and Numerology are linked.

Numerology is the study of the hidden meanings of numbers and their influence on human life to accurately reveal the secrets of love, wealth, success and happiness that lie hidden in your inner-self. Starting from your name and birthday, numerology helps you to understand who you really are, why you are here, and lessons you can learn. By following the yearly cycles of growth, numerology helps you to plan your future and to take more active role in your life.

Benefits of Vastu/Feng Shui(Commercial, Residential)

Vastu/Feng Shui affects the life of a person providing Good health ,Comfort ,Convenience achieved by paying attention to place, ventilation, color, design, material, element and direction, brings  harmony and fulfillment, makes the surrounding a better place to live in.  

Tarot Forecast